OSX Mojave vs OSX Catalina performance

MIDI Guitar 2 is more or less unusable (here) in Catalina (because of latency) while it works pretty well as standalone in Mojave. I have no idea how it works in even newer versions of OSX (Big Sur or Monterey). Anyone else?

I have been through a few OS:s quite recently, and I can’t say I’ve noticed any considerable differences in the way MG2 is behaving. I am on Big Sur 11.6.1 right now on my iMac late 2014 4 Ghz, Quad core Intel i7. I did a lot of stuff on Catalina, and it worked fine for me!

I will try a few more variants av Catalina I have he and see if it helps, but right now there is a night/day difference between Mojave and Catalina (the 2 variants so far tested/on the same hardware/Intel i7 8700K/6 Cores/13 Threads, 64G RAM)…

What are you testing with? Logic? Different standalone synths? could it be a Logic Multi-thread issue?

Standalone only so far, as this seems to be the snappiest here…

Standalone with internal sounds?

Mostly plugins (AU or VSTi) but also tried internal (MDA Piano)

Do you get satisfying results also when you use a “normal” electric guitar? I have mostly seen you using some kind of headless midi guitar and a breath controller. Is that because you often prefer breath-controller-instruments (trumpet/clarinet/flute/sax etc…)?

I only use “Normal” guitars. Headless yes, and in one video I tried the Hex PU, but other than that always traditional guitars with ordinary humbuckers. Breathcontroller is a separate system just for expression control (I also sometimes use a fretless Vigier that has both a sustainac and a GK-mic on it, but I still use the standard magnetic PU there as well, whenever I play MIDI Guitar 2 stuff)

I have now tested it in another installation of Catalina, and it works as good as in Mojave, just as you said, LeiF, so it’s something wrong in one of my Catalina versions/installations Thanks.

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