Pad/drone backing machine to noodle over

Hold For Pad

(download file and unzip to get the machine file)
(also note - it’s for a pad sound - nothing to do with iPads :slight_smile:)

Hi all :slightly_smiling_face:

I worked on this today to recreate one of my favourite patches from my old GR33, although this is a bit better and doesn’t need an expression pedal :slight_smile:

Basically it will:

  • Wait for a bass note in a specified range to be played
  • Hold that note, along with any other notes played within a short window afterwards
  • Keep holding the notes - and not allowing any new synth notes through - while you noodle away on the guitar side of things.
  • When you hit a new bass note it will release all the held synth notes and start again

It suits a patch with a pad or string on the synth side and perhaps something gilmour-ish on the guitar side (e.g. some drive and delay).

The controls:

  • Bass Gate - midi velocity required on the bass note to trigger a new hold cycle
  • Bass Low - the lowest note in the bass range that it will use to trigger a new hold cycle (40 = low E)
  • Bass High - the highest note in the bass range that it will use to trigger a new hold cycle (51 = Eb)
  • Window ms - after hitting the bass note, the window (in ms) where any other notes played will be held
  • Note Gate - midi velocity required on these other synth notes. Anything below this is also considered silence
  • Max Hold ms - maximum time the synth notes will be held if no notes are played/silence. Otherwise, if still noodling away, the notes will continue to be held until a new bass note is hit.
  • Add Bass Oct - adds a note an Octave below to the bass note

Note that the ms timing assumes interface is running at 256 / 44.1k - will need to be adjusted if you’re running at different rates.

Any comments/corrections/suggestions, esp from those that have been doing this longer than me, would be appreciated. I’ve built a couple of simple velocity related machines, but this is the first one where I’ve got a little more into the OnFrame etc.



Thank you. Much appreciated.

Looks interesting. I will certainly try it and come back to you with comments. Thanks.

Awesome addition! - and also great to see someone using the MIDI Machine framework. Let us know if you miss any hooks or get good ideas regarding MIDI Machines.

Hi Chris, I have downloaded you Pad/Drone backing machine patch but I can’t seem to get it to work. I load in the JX10 AM SYNTH and selected a bass sound that works fine but as soon as I load the Pad/Drone backing machine in the Midi Machine section I then have no sound output. I have the Latency set to 256@44.1, not sure what else to try. Any suggestions.

Hi Fingers,

the main culprit is probably going to be the bass gate control and also the note gate control. Try lowering these until you get some synth signal.

In particular - the bass gate control is important as nothing gets through until a bass note gets triggered (and then there’s a short window afterwards where it’ll let through and hold other synth notes).

See how this goes - if still an issue let me know…


Hi Chris,
Thanks for the reply. I wound back the bass gate and the note gate controls and it works.
Thanks for your help.