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I have downloaded the trial version for Mac and I’ve successfully gotten MG to work with my Line 6 HX Effects. I’ve also loaded a few few soft synth plug-ins however I can’t seem to get midi PC messages to work when a plug in in loaded. It only seems to load the built in presets from the native MG instruments. How does this work? Do I need to save an external plug in preset so it appears in the list along with the built in presets or should it load the presets from the plug in that is running? Demo doesn’t allow you to save so I can test this.

MG standalone works with patches: an incoming PC will load a patch. Inside our patch you can load external VST fx and synths.
The patches are loaded in alphabetical order, so you name them 001 patch one, 002 another patch name, and incoming PC 1 will load the first one, PC 2 will load the second one etc.
The demo will also do this btw, if you enable midi control input from your pedals.

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This isn’t working for me. Let me walk you through what I am doing. I select a 3rd party synth plugin (Dexed in this example) as my instrument. I then go to the Dexed plugin and rename the first patch to 001 Patch XYZ. I then use my MIDI controller to send a PC message for patch 1 and it keeps loading the built in Patch 1 for MG, not Dexed. So not sure if I’m doing something wrong here or what?

The program change is “eaten” in MIDI Guitar. You just load Dexed in MG with settings or presets to your liking, and save the MG patch to “001 whatevernameyouwant”.
The MG patch will restore all setttings of the Dexed plugin (some plugins will not correctl y show their preset name after reload, but the sound and settings will be like stored)
So if you want to have 10 Dexed presets, you have to use 10 MG presets.

well that’s the problem - demo version of MG doesn’t allow me to save presets correct? So I can’t really test this before purchasing.

not saving is with any demo software the case.
this will work and ofcourse we have a 14 day moneyback guarantee

OK good to know. Thanks for your help.

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