Patch exchange/discussion?

Newbie here so please be gentle… Is it worth having a patch exchange discussion area here? I’m pretty sure a lot of the more experienced users have discovered shortcuts and tasteful combinations via patch creation trial and error utilizing only the in-built instruments and functionality that the “factory” presets didn’t address other than laying a great basic framework that new folks would benefit from. For example, I created a nice pad behind a clean guitar that is great starting point for Aerosmith’s Dream On or Stairway to heaven that I’d be willing to share if there is interest. I didn’t see this line of thinking out there so just thought I’d toss it out there. Cheers!

Just a quick note to you, that GigPerformer 4 (which is essentially a LIVE Daw, in a sense), can do patch changes and tons more. I use Midi Guitar 2.1 in this and it works great. You should check it out. These days, we have all the marbles, we just need to figure out how to use them!

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Hello Jim, welcome here :slightly_smiling_face:

Certainly Gig Performer is a plus (I’ve used it for several years) but I think @spyrl is talking about patch exchanges within MG.
It is true that the idea is excellent and helps to promote exchanges and points of view as well as experiences encountered.

But I imagine that most MG users use a lot of other plugins third party as the internal instruments and effects are limited and only allow to start learning MG.

Personally I’m still interested in this possibility and even if I don’t play the quoted songs I’ll be very happy to test your patch. :wink:

Maybe by adding a topic in the Midi Guitar Demo category, it will start this proposal.


Hi Jim. As to sharing some built-in patch set-ups, and discussing the sounds, count me in. I’ve been tweaking some existing patches looking for specific guitar sounds, like the Byrds’ trebly electric 12-string sound and Tim Renwick’s clean ‘sustained’ electric guitar leads in Year of the Cat, to name a couple. I’ve tried some customizations of Deep Extreme, Deep Edge, and DX-10 Synth. Haven’t had much success yet with the two sounds I mentioned, but I hear the differences in sound and I know the right settings are in there somewhere, simply because there are so many input and after effect parameters that users can play with. That said, some free downloaded VSTi and VST apps lead to impressive sounds for guitars and other instruments. On the orchestral side, DSK Virtuoso string sections played through guitar are truly impressive in the MG2 32-bit version. On the guitar side, I’ve found that the Tube Amp after-effects, when tweaked, make a distinct difference to some built in MG2 guitar sounds. Happy to share some screen grabs. Gary


I have to admit the built in amp sounds were a pleasant surprise but I’m so far down the Helix and Helix Native software rabbit hole it is tough to beat, but, getting 3 amps and cabs going is pretty interesting consideration sonically and definitely worth exploring further. Will be looking into your 3rd party suggestions and would love to try your Byds patches. I generally use a Variax emulating 12 string electric Rickenbacher (variax chime) models.