Patch Next & Previous Midi Control

I see that I can use midi CC numbers to select specific patches. Is there a next patch / previous patch that can be set up? I have limited pedals available so an up/down arrangement would cover more ground. Thanks!

not MIDI CC, only PC (Program change) can select patches in MG2.
there is also no up/down patch function builtin in MG2.

But to make it up to you @MarkC
We have both patch up/down arrows in the user interface AND a possibility of using CCs for external control as well in MIDI Guitar 3. :grinning::+1:

I can’t wait, but I guess I will. :wink:

On the bright side, I learned that my POD HD500X Setlists sends the PC for each patch in order from top to bottom. This means that patch one in any setlist sends patch one to midi out which causes MG2 to select it’s patch one. So as long as I keep my guitar/synth patches in order, it is automatic with no further programming, and I can use the learn function to use my foot switches and expression pedal for sustain, volume, mix, etc.

I’m incorporating this into my live rig, and I hope that there will be an easy way to use whatever patches I build in MG2 without have to reinvent them on MG3. I’m super excited about this product, and I want to use it extensively, but music is not my job, so I don’t have enough time for playing, let alone creating patches. Do you know if the patches I build in MG2 will upgrade with the software to MG3?

Thanks, and come on MG3!

Hey @MarkC

I don’t want to make any promises about stuff I have no control over. But there has, at least, been talks about MG2 patch import into MG3. If and when this is to be added I do not dare not speculate on. But it has been addressed, this much I know.