Patch sharing / guitar soundscapes

In order to help newcomers, and share ideas of guitar soundscapes, there is a new category, “PATCH SHARE” in this forum.

How to share a patch:

  • Save some patch in MG3 and press SHARE
  • Drag the .patch file into this forum (or wherever you want to share it).

How to load a patch someone shared:

  • Drag the .patch file into MG3

If there is interest in this, we can add a browser to a database of patches, directly inside MG3.

Please mind, if you have a 3rd party synths/effects in there, it will only load if the other part actually have that synth installed. One of the next steps for us is to add more synths and presets to MG3, as a starting place for newcomers, which should also help sharing patches over a common pool of instruments and effects.


I thought about such a category since longer. It might be very helpful if the used VST’s are listed in a short description or even in the header because not everyone has all the plugins that might be in a patch.


Good idea. As is, MG3 will warn that the plugin is missing if you load such patch.

In special cases (currently BYOD and Surge XT), MG3 will actually give the user a download link to these open-source plugins when loading a patch with these inside. Let me know if there are more plugins we should include :slight_smile:

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Maybe Vital @JamO ? I haven’t used it yet, but have also read its open source. And I believe it’s MPE capable.

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I’d say ok for free (really free) plugins as Valhalla’s and many others as uhe’s.

Valhalla : Audio effects (Reverb, Mod)
Valhalla Super Massive - Valhalla DSP
Valhalla Freq Echo: Freqency Shifter Plugin | Free Reverb Plugin

Uhe : (Synth Plugins)
Zebralette: Easy spectral synth | u-he
Podolski: Nice and easy | u-he
Triple Cheese: Luscious and cheesy | u-he


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Thank you. I’ll add these as well :blush: