Pedal steel

I am wondering if there is a way to bend say 2 strings out of say 10 strings in a smooth way. Maybe each string has its own channel? btw there are 10 strings on pedal steel. There is a large community of players who would buy this. I bought it awhile back and am very happy.


Not currently, but have been working on multi-bends and MIDI MPE for a while now.


That’s great news! I’m currently evaluating MG2 with this same use in mind (pedal steel), and it’s really exciting to consider what would be possible with multi-bend functionality fully integrated.

I was wondering if you imagine multi-bend functionality to be a part of either this or a subsequent paid release? I.E., if I were to buy the software now would I likely need to pay for the upgrade with this expanded functionality? You mentioned you’ve been working on it for a while, so I’d want to know if that would be part of a prospective MG3 or something.