PG Music RealBand - MIDI Drivers

Hi folks:
As a guitarist, I routinely record Audio directly from guitar to PG Music’s Realband… that works well through my gear, including an ASIO USB Audio interface. I’m learning MIDI now… a newbie as far as live input goes, from a guitar. Just checked out JamOrig’s Guitar MIDI trial download… I like it a lot. Before I buy, I want to know more about how it might work with PG Music’s Realband, which is not on your DAW/Sequencer list at the website where compatibility is identified. So, any suggestions about which MIDI driver(s) to use with Win10 when sending JamOrigin MIDI output live through to a PG Music Realband MIDI track? (so I can record the JamOrig output in real time in Realband) ?? It’s conversations about MIDI drivers and virtual drivers that I can’t quite get my head around. Thanks, Gary

It looks like Realband support hosting VSTs so it might just work loading the MG VST on a track.

If not,

Try to install loopMidi

Create a virtual midi “cable” and connect it by setting it as output in MG and input in RealBand.

Run MG standalone (don’t use the MG VST)

Thanks. I will try MG in Standalone mode with loopMidi and then report back in. Also curious to know if loopMIDI and loopbe1 perform the same roles as virtual cables, more or less?

Pay attention to the latency introduced by loopMIDI. On my system, I found it noticeable. LoopBe1 did not exhibit noticeable latency for me, so I bought a license to LoopBe30. Been using it for years.

Yup. Virtual MIDI pipe instead of a virtual audio pipe (like VB-Audio’s VoiceMeeter products (and their simple Audio Cable)).

I saw your post on the PG Music forum. Hope you get everything working to your satisfaction. I didn’t answer there, because I use Studio One (and occasionally Reaper).

Thanks everyone. I installed both LoopBe1 and loopMIDI. Both are working well as an interface with PG Music Realband. Slight latencies are not a problem because I’m recording short complementary pieces within larger songs, but I see what you mean if I were trying to go Live.

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