Phantom notes

I’m a generally thrilled MIDIGuitar2 owner. But I have some problems with stuck notes (the other post on this is not the same issue I’m seeing). The note is always a G. THis happens with multiple different guitars as input so it’s not the guitar. Guitar feeds a Helix Floor and the USB out of that feeds a 2015 MacBook Pro running MainStage. With some sounds (e.g., the organ sounds native to Logic/MainStage), once it triggers, the only way to shut it off is to quit MainStage. It gets really weird with the SWAM instruments. I use these with a TEControl breath controller. And once the stuck note is in the patch, it’s there forever. No amount of quitting the app or rebooting changes it. The only thing i can do is delete the patch and recreate it. But it does not present in the same way. Instead of the note sounding all the time, the stuck G sounds for an instant before the actual note being played. Notably, if i pluck the string without blowing into the breath controller and then blow after the attack, the phantom note does not sound. So this appears to be something tied to the initial note attack.

This has been making me insane for a year. Any insight is hugely appreciated.

Hello Bill, welcome here :slight_smile:

I don’t know anything about breath controllers, but there are specialists here who may be able to help you with this.

The problem may come from software, hardware or both! So regarding the guitar, have you tried using a fret wrap?
Using a wound G string would also solve the problem.

These are only some paths to explore first before looking at software.

Stuck notes indicate the “note off” signal is not reaching the tone generator or you have some kind of MIDI loop.

Is there any point in your chain where you could possibly have a MIDI loop?

Have you tried sending a MIDI panic signal to kill all MIDI activity? You can click on the MIDI In monitor at the top of Mainstage 3 to reset MIDI.

Also, are we to assume you are using the AU version in Mainstage? Or are you using standalone separately to funnel MIDI into Mainstage?

I am, indeed, using the AU version within MainStage. And I’m aware that mainStage is… not great. I have a copy of SWAM’s Camelot wich is supposed to be better and may have to turn to that (but, as I’m sure you can imagine, rewriting all of my patches in a new client does not make me jump for joy at the prospect.) I have tried the MIDI panic button within MainStage and it is not effective.

Thanks to all so far for the guidance.

Hi harold and thaks for the suggestions. I already use pretty heavy strings on all of my guitars. 11s but with an unwound G. As stated in my original post, this happens with all of my gitars. (One of the things i love about MIDI Guitar2 is that there is no hardware so I can use it with literally any of my instruments. I sold my FIshman system the day I tried the MG2 demo). Anyway, given that i have this same issue on multple guitars, it would seem, at least to me, to be not an issue of input.

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. If you want to share your Mainstage set I can test it on my system and see if I can reproduce the problem. FYI, I don’t use Mainstage much but I do dabble with it.