Phoenix lite OS: 32bit working, 64bit freezes, demo install

hi, before buying i thought i`d check out the demo version.
standalone 32 bit working fine, just the 64bit freezes everything and reboots after some minutes. seems to work in reaper though, but i could not get any sound, will have to dive deeper…
the OS is a phoenix lite win10 21h2, all vc++ and all the usual stuff is installed.
any chance i could get this fixed? i could probably live with the 32 bit but would appreciate your expertise on the matter.
thank you

a search for ‘phoenix lite win10’ and ‘vst problems’ led me to this thread:


  • Build 22000.652 (Windows 11 21H2) -

Im currently user of phoenix win11 and all works fine so far.
Very fast installation, and its rlly light. All recommended drivers installed without any issues. Daw (nuendo) and vsti,vst works as well.

any chance i could get this fixed?

i’m sure it is difficult enough for jamo to provide support for ‘real’ windows versions. the onus is on you to fix your operating system, not on jamo. there is nothing for them to ‘fix’. they guarantee windows support. not phoenix windows support.

if you do get it working please post again. being able to run a daw on a version of windows which has been stripped of all unnecessary processes may be part of our future, as windows becomes more and more cluttered with ‘enhancements’.


I have never been in favour of using a modified OS or applications that modify the OS without knowing what has been modified.
I prefer to manage modifications myself with full knowledge of the facts, which allows me to identify malfunctions by selective research.
If one day you decide to use a Microsoft version of Windows, you can optimise it yourself using existing guides. I use this one, which gives me a lighter and stable OS:

Optimizing Windows

mostly i’m with herold re: homebrewed versions of windows.

but i’ve just put a dozen plus hours into latency issues with both w10 and w11 on a relatively decent laptop, which is still unusable.

if there was a homebrew w10/11 which ran audio smoothly i might well take the risk. in terms of malware, my music systems only touch the web when authorizing software, so the risk of infection is very low.

and i would never keep personal/credit info on a homebrew win system. so identity theft is not a threat.

i wouldn’t have to consider this path if microsoft allowed me to disable their cpu power saving features and advanced graphics. the former wreaks havoc and the latter is completely unnecessary on a music production system.

yeah, sorry i didnt mean can somebody fix it for me but rather is there a chance i could fix it on my end.
the phoenix os is pretty cool, i have been tweaking it for a year now and it is just about where i want it. there cant be that much difference between the x86 and x64 versions of the MG2, maybe somebody could point me in the right direction, a particular version of vc++ or something.
what are the disadvantages of using the x86/32 bit version of the MG2 anyways, maybe i can be happy with it?
thanks for your contributions.

i pm’d you with some info. i’d like to explore this approach myself, just to see if it is viable.

but probably this is not the place to discuss it.

if you’re sending midi out to a 64 bit capable host, then i don’t really see any limitations of the 32 bit version. if you’re running vst’s inside mg2 then x86 will be limiting.