Pictures at an Exhibition - LIVE

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Hello Paul, I do not know how to read this video (file extension .mpd)

most likely the link isnt available anymore
You can check out his stuff here:

I do not use facebook but the link works fine now by copying the url and pasting it in the web browser

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The link works now directly by clicking on the start button.

I just started to look at this video: this is a real gold musical nugget !

the link has expired again :unamused:

Thanks so much for sharing. If people are having issues with the link then this might work:

We did have some mysterious sound issues on the stream (Very bright guitar & quiet bass) so are planning on repeating the performance once we’ve got to the bottom of the issues.

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@MrBee Really thank you for the link.
I have had as much pleasure sharing your hapiness as I had hearing your unbalanced but terrific show ! icon_mrgreen

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