Piezo pickup to Midi Guitar

Hey All,

Has anyone tried using a Piezo pickup with this software? I have an acoustic piano and I was considering putting a piezo on the chassis to convert the notes to midi. Has anyone attempted this?


our app is not ment to be used with such broad polyphonic instruments for input. You may get a 4 part chord out of it, but my advice would be to just get a small midi controller keyboard.

If it can pick up 4 notes at a time that would be perfect. My intention is to use this for part writing and inputting midi notes into Musescore. I had varied results using a microphone to convert to midi when using my classical guitar, I’m assuming a piezo would be a much more accurate choice there also?

What results did you have, if you went ahead with it?

quiet good… It is more the resonance of your guitar that might deteriorate performance. The dryer the pickup sounds, the better.
here you see a short example: I have a mike in the guitar, and the piezo goes into MG. that way I have real acoustic sound with a synth controlled by the TEC BBC2 breath/movement controller