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Pitch bend issue

greetings all, long time lurker, first time poster waves hello

I’m running MG2 on Mac in standalone mode and for some reason pitch bend from my keyboard controller is not being seen by MG2, so it is not being passed on to any hosted plugins. my midi control and channel options are correct. if I select Snoize Midi Monitor as output in MG2 pitch bend from the controller is passed to it through MG2 but that same data is not showing in MG2’s Midi Monitor Tool. everything else works fine, mod wheel, sustain pedal, note on/off etc and pitch bends from the guitar show up fine when enabled. legato is not turned on. it’s not a pitch bend range issue. I searched around in here before posting but couldn’t find anything that might be relevant, I’ve tried everything that I could think of but I’m stumped.

any ideas?


MG itself can generate pitchbends, but will not pass thru external pitchbend commands. So you can not use external pitchbends with MG standalone.
MPE MIDI facilitarts extra bending on the master channel, so a future MG that supports MPE should be able to also support external pitchbend for globally bending all strings, on top of the per string bends that MPE can provide.

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ah, thank you Paul, I think I understand now. I’m assuming the app is written this way to for example allow one to play a triple-stop and bend one of the strings and have only the pitch of the bent string affected, whereas pitch bend sent from a keyboard controller would affect all pitches equally. I never gave much thought to what goes on underneath the hood to allow that kind guitaristic pitch to midi translation to happen, pretty impressive!

I think my confusion arose because for the most part I use MG in a DAW and I was used to having the pitch wheel function normally, it now occurs to me that it was because the DAW was combining both keyboard and MG data and sending it to the hosted instrument plugin.

thanks for helping me sort it out.


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