Pitch Bend not working

Hi, I have MG v.2.2.1 which I bought some time ago and have recently started using it again. Logic Pro X daw. Mac OS 10.14.6
I can’t seem to get the pitch bend working no matter what I try. I am using VSTs that allow pitch bend and I have set the VST and MG pitch bend range to be the same but no go.
I am not getting any update notices when I open the MG plug-in but I notice in your screenshots of the app on the website that mine looks different. I am wondering if my plug-in is outdated…
I really want to be able to use pitch bend (and thus finger vibrato) but just can’t get it happening.
Any other settings I should be adjusting?
Hope you can help

I think I’ve got it sussed… Pitch bend works when I turned off the legato…