Pitch not wanted in logic x

I recorded an audio track and on the second track I recorded the same track in midi with the same audio track like you see on the video, but when I listen to the midi track it goes wha wha wha like a pitch or a vibrate effect.

that can be various things: if it is pitch, then you can check whether beds is on in MG.
bends are only working properly if the synth has the same bendrange. disable bend if you’re not sure if that is the cause.
Also ofcourse try different synths.

Hey Paul, thanks for the reply, finally i have found the culprit, when I was listening to my midi track ,even if I muted the audio track, it was creating a kind of reflux in the midi tracks.So I closed the MG and the send in the audio tr. and it resolved the WAWA problem ,I still have a issue with the host information(interface)there’s the yellow flag about latency it shows 11,6 MS (512 samples @ 44,100HZ)I’ve got buffer size at 128 in logic but it shows 512 ?in MG, I will read that part again, sure would appreciate your thought about that, thanks.I see a few little unwanted notes that I have to suppress, that must be the problem.