Placing free reverb vst in the reverb section


I now have been using the full version of MG2 (Win10 - 64bit) for about a month and I am more than happy with this tool and like how smart it is programed.

My question: I downloaded the sanford reverb vst. It works, but I can only appy it as “fx” and not as “reverb” in the UI. So I loose one possibility to use another fx plugin. How does MG recogneize the plugin as reverb and not as a general fx?

I am from Germany by the way, play a lot in jam sessions with my dear mfx Digitech RP1000. As DAW I use the pro version of Studio One. I had the same question as another user concerning recording midi notes in Studio One and it just got answered in this forum!

Thanks for your great work, keep it up, I really like it!

Hans Gruber (really!)

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The reverb field is internal reverb only, there is no way an external effect can be loaded there.
there are plugins that allow you to load multiple other vst’s in them ( a sub host, so to speak). e.g. Blue Cat

I must add, that our host is a small host: getting a bigger host like e.g. Gigperformer will bring much more flexibility than adding a subhost like Blue Cat patchwork…

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Thanks, Paul!

But what is the option “Reverb IR folder” in the plugin UI good for? I tried to define a reverb IR folder and put the Sandford reverb plugin in there, but it didn’t work. Yet I am not familiar with IR files.

Reverb IR (Impulse Response) are short .wav files, which contain the sound of a specific room. The builtin reverb function can use them.

SOLUTION (for one free vst):

It works with the reverb plugin OrilRiver. I installed it and couldn’t find it when open up the fx dialogue. By accident I found it in the reverb section, just as I wished it when I started the thread.

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duh? that is undocumented, for me at least. Ole must have placed a VST effect typ filter there. good to know.

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Wow, OrilRiver works really great, and it doesn’t use up another fx-slot.

I am really impressed by the quality of a lot of free plugins and also grateful to the people who put work in it and offer them for free. :heart:


These plugins can be load in the reverb section (at least in MG2 32bits)

Classic Reverb by Kjaerhus Audio
OldSkoolVerb by Voxengo
and… Sanford Reverb by Leslie Sanford

But OrilRiver is not recognized, even in fx. Weird.

Sanford didn’t work on my PC (win10 64bit).

I just checked again what can be placed in the Reverb section:

  • Can be placed in MG2 32 bits

Classic Reverb by Kjaerhus Audio
OldSkoolVerb by Voxengo
OrilRiver by Denis Tihanov
Sanford Reverb by Leslie Sanford

  • Can be placed in MG2 64 bits

OldSkoolVerb by Voxengo
OrilRiver by Denis Tihanov
Stereo Touch by Voxengo
Tempo Delay by Voxengo