Playing Bass with SWAM Alto Sax

I would like to extend the keyboard range of the SWAM Alto Sax 3 and can’t figure out how.

I’m playing a bass guitar through M2G with a SWAM Alto Sax - it works really well except most of the notes on the bass that are on the lower strings, A and E, are out of the range of the SWAM sax and I’d like to play the sax in that range on the bass. I would like to transpose the sax up an octave but that not the issue, The issue is that SWAM does not accept notes in the lower registers.

The register of a virtual instrument corresponds to the register of the physical instrument that has been sampled note for note.
As it is impossible to physically play below the lowest note of an alto saxophone, the VSTi will not contain a corresponding sample.
Transposing will allow you to play Swam with the lowest string but not to lower the lowest key of Swam.
The result will be the same with a master keyboard or any other MIDI controller

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With what @Herold said being true, there is still a possibility to add PEDAL NOTES to the SWAM Brass instruments for anyone interested.


And I don’t know what would be a fundamental difference between the Brass and the Woodwinds, but perhaps there is something in the way they’re written, prohibiting from modeling the same extra range on other instruments as well. But the Brass has it.

Good ideas but what I’m looking for is a bit different.

I have a bass guitar and the SWAM alto sax doesn’t recognize any of the notes on the low E string. I don’t actually want to play notes in that register but I want to be able to use my low E string on the bass. If the SWAM alto sax could be made to recognize the input from my bass’ low E string then I could transpose the SWAM alto sax up an octave.

Are you playing a bass with MG2? Well, that would explain it. MG2 is for guitars, and its tracking range covers guitar pitch range. The bass is an octave lower, and you would of course be better off using the MIDI Bass software for that, (but then you loose out on some functions.)

That worked great! Thanks LofiLeif - you’ve helped me so many times - I really appreciate it.

I only wish I could bend notes on the bass with MB2 but I can live with it.

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