Playing in HERMODE Tuning possible?

Hermode Tuning (Hermode Tuning) is a possibility to always play in pure tuning, even if the input notes are in tempered or other tuning

This could be particularly interesting for string or wind ensembles, but also for church organs or guitars

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There’s a plugin called “alt-tuner” that does this really well and works near perfectly with MG2.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to figure out how to get it to work with the MG3 beta. I hope it’ll get resolved before official release, but there’s always MG2!

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Can this tuning be represented as a .scl//.kbm tuning file?
If it can, it can be directly imported by the RETUNING module.

I am not sure whether HERMODE tuning with .scl/.kbm files can be realised via the offered retuning function in MG3.

It is a dynamic pure tuning that adjusts the individual notes again and again in real time in the chord context.

Celemony/Melodyne states this in its operating instructions:
Dynamic clean tuning: dynamic clean tuning eliminates the slight detuning and therefore the beats between notes that come with tempered tuning. This results in a “clearer” sound, such as that produced by the intonation behaviour of a real orchestra. Pure tuning is dynamic because the selected notes are not only tuned to each other, but are also shifted slightly in their entirety so that the note most affected by the pure tuning deviates as little as possible from its tempered version. Example: Melodyne shifts a purely tuned C major chord (C ± 0 ct, E - 13 ct, G +2 ct) by an additional +6 ct so that the E does not deviate too far from its tempered tuning. Moreover, this adjustment of the notes is not static, but depends on the current chord context. It is therefore also dynamic over time in order to ensure optimum tuning at all times. Dynamic retuning is particularly effective and appealing in a multi-track context, because if you select the notes of several or all tracks, the tuning will be optimised.

So, how is the Hermode tuning thought to be used here? As guitar players we have always real-time compensated for tuning/intonation deviations. We bend notes (in a chord) ever so slightly to appease our want for consonans. This possibility is exactly what is allowed for with the MPE capabilities, bending notes independently of each other. We might not be able to be as precise as any software in rendering this perfection, but that is also going to play into the efficacy of any Hermode tuning being applies in the first place. It is only going to be effective only if you turn off the polyphonic bends. But that is perhaps your intention? To use it for perfect consonance with stuff like pianos and other instruments with set tunings.

Anyway, ODD Sound has some setup of their MTS-ESP software that allows for this kind of dynamic adaptive tuning. It also work for a lot of different instruments simultaneously, so we don’t have to apply this retuning concept to each instrument for them to be perfectly in tune also together. Have you checked that out already?