Playing with and without breath controller

Hello friends, first of all THANKS so much to MG for this amazing software. For years I have been in love with Jam Origin software, a true technological miracle that, added to other tools such as breath controllers or high-quality libraries, make it possible to play instruments that some time ago would have seemed like a dream.

I want to share two videos, one using breath controller and one without. In my experience, both options are fantastic, but breath controller helps a lot in the expressive sense.

With: Swam Audio Modeling - Chema Vilchez - Mindfulness Music Improvisation - YouTube

Without: Chema Vilchez Plays Audio Modeling SWAM Trumpets - YouTube

Hugs and peace for everybody, Chema


Awesome setup, awesome work! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Thanks so much my friend, congratulations for your amazing videos !! A great and generous contribution to midi guitar players community. I hope to upload more videos soon. Hugs from Spain !!

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Bravo for this beautiful demonstration of tracking efficiency on MG2.
Thank you for these precious moments of grace. :star_struck:

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Thanks so much for your kindness Herold !! Hope to upload more vídeos soon, Hugs !!

Wow :star_struck: Thank you, Chema :pray: