Pluggin not working in ableton live 9

Hi! I just bought your license and I’m soooo please with the product…It’s amazing! But I have a problem. When it comes to ableton live, it doesn’t show up as midi port when I insert it as plugin. Every tutorial I saw it just appear when installed but not for me. The plugin seems to work but it doesn’t create the output channel to chose from in other tracks. Am I missing something? please help!

Hi! I am am also using Abelton, although it is the suite 11 version, but this is what my prefs pane looks like once I’ve opened the MIDI Guitar plugin on an AUDIO track!

If you could be a little more specific as to your system setup; MAC/PC? and some pics perhaps, and we can start from there to see what the problem is?

thank you for the quick response! I’m running ableton live 9 in a macbook pro with high sierra 10.13.16 and this how my preference midi pannel looks like.

CAn you give me some clue about what to do?

Could it be the IAC driver? I don’t use that, and have no ideas of what problems it could ceate. Can you try just turning that off, and THEN load a MG2 plugin to an AUDIO track, and see was happens?

Thank you. I’ve done it, nothing happens indeed… I don’t stillo know why…

Did you try restarting Abelton after turning off IAC?

And it is much easier to see stuff if you provide a screenshot again of your prefs pane after turning the IAC off.

Search the forum for “Ableton Live”. I answered another person extensively on this.

But if you don’t wanna search…

LoFiLeif is using the AU plugin (Audio Unit) on an audio channel. This creates a virtual MIDI port you can see in Live’s preferences.

It’s the same for MG2 standalone. It creates a virtual MIDI port that’s visible in Ableton Live.

If you use the VST (recommended) plugin you select the audio track as a MIDI input directly on the MIDI track you are trying to route the MG2 plugin’s output data to – No virtual port appears in MIDI settings when using the VST. Look for MIDI In on the MIDI channel strip and select the appropriate Audio strip.