Plugin Failed Examination in Digital Performer 9

Any help or suggestions would be nice since I dropped $99 on this software.


High Sierra on iMac 27" 2010 / MOTU 8pre

MIDI Guitar works as any other audio effect in Digital Performer 9.
The instructions for Digital Performer is on this page:

  1. Did you download the plugin “MIDI Guitar 2.vst” and copy it to your library/audio/plug-ins/vst folder?
  2. Did you rescan for plugins in Digital Performer?
  3. Sometimes on Mac you have to restart for the plugins to be visible. Did you try that?

Thanx for the speedy response.

Yes to all the above.

The plug in shows up but when it is scanned it says is has “serious defects” or something to that affect and will crash DP if enabled. I didn’t chance it.


I installed on my laptop: MacBook Pro 2015 / Mojave with no issues - so far, but I don’t have and external audio interface hooked up yet.

I made progress and got most things to work. It seems the stereo plugins are available but not mono on my iMac. No issues on my MacBook Pro.

Tracks much better than the version I bought and didn’t have much luck with a few years back. Thanx.

Mostly I wanted your software to input notes into Sibelius which I am able to do.

Ok, great!

On your High Sierra iMac the MG VST plugin will still crash DP9 if you insert it on a mono track?

A near as I can see. I didn’t actually load it and let it crash.

I’ll probably mess with the app more this week this next week and I’ll let you know it anything changes.