Plugin remote MIDI control (in Logic Pro)

Hello there,

I’m experimenting with the Logic Pro plugin today (I’ve used the standalone version until now), and there is one thing I can’t seem to figure out by myself: how do I change patches via MIDI ?

Before, I had the standalone version receiving MIDI CC messages from a pedalboard on channel 3. Now, the plugin is on an Audio track and I don’t know how to route my pedalboard’s MIDI messages to it…

Thanks !

Logic can not send incoming midi to loaded Audio FX. it is about the only DAW that cant do this.
Logic will only send midi to synths. Trying to load MG as synth on an instrument track would require the audio to be inserted via sidechaining. This didnt work at all well the last time I tried, years ago. I dont expect it to work now either.

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Dammit. So this might be a showstopper… :frowning:

Thank you !

So, mostly talking to myself here, but just in case anyone’s curious, I gave up using a DAW for my live rig (which only has external devices: I’m using the computer only for MG2). After giving up on Logic (see the previous messages), I tried to use Ableton Live Lite which is slightly better but is too limited on the number of tracks. It still has one problem: tracks are only able to send MIDI on one channel. This is silly. I’d need 16 tracks, just to trigger my multi-timbral synth!

So I’ve just reverted to the standalone MG2 now, and I’m using MIDI Patchbay to multiplex my pedalboard to the various devices in the rack (MIDI over USB).

In terms of latency, I get flawless tracking with 128 samples @ 48KHz on my recent M1 Mac Book Pro, and I’m pretty sure I could do even better than those 3ms if I felt the need for it, which I don’t :slight_smile: