Plugins for IOS

Ok, this is a biggie for me. I just got an iPad. I have a bunch of VST an Au instruments on my Mac. Am I right in thinking I can’t run these? I thought I read that I could!

you can hook up your ipad to your mac, configure it as an input device and and send/receive audio and midi data. Your Mac will always be the host though.
iOS has its own plugin format called auv3, as well as its own ecosystem with apps designed for the touch interface, some of which are ported directly from their VST/AU implementation. they are however a separate buy on the app store. there are some GREAT apps for the ipad, which are not avilable on mac/pc. i can give you some recommendations if youre interested, depending on what you’re looking for.

Thanks, I’m mainly looking for some nice pad/string sounds to thicken up my acoustic guitar sound and maybe a few nice bass guitar emulations

for a nice analog string sound the first three synths that come to mind are Zeeon, Tera Pro, Buttersynth. Those are fully featured synths with a fantastic sound and a nice selection of presets. There are tons more on the app store though.
as for bass guitar, choices are a bit more limited. Two good options are ifretless Bass and SWAM Double Bass.

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So It seems you can run AU plugins on iPad with an optional purchase. Is it possible to use Au plugins that come with Logic Pro?

Sorry, can I get clarity on this?

Is there a way to run AU (not AUv3) instruments and effects in the IOS version?

Do I need AUM or Audiobus to do that?

iOS uses AUv3, not AUv2.

Thanks, so this is rather deceiving from the Jam Origin product description

  • Play AudioUnit synths and effects

Not sure I understand. It loads any AudioUnit that is on your iPad. It won’t load any audio unit that you dont have on your iPad. Neither will AUM or GarageBand.

What dies this mean

It means that if you are hosting audio unit plugins, then you need to make an in-app-purchase or continue with interruptions.