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Possible to run 2 or more instances of Midi Guitar / Bass


Especially for VST / DAW where each instance do something different ?


yes, you can run multiple instances at the same time. But it is generally ionly usefull, when you feed different strings to different instances.
A stick player might use MB on one track and MG on another for the 2 string sections, or if you play doubleneck tapguitar, you can use 2 MG’s.
The normal way to get more sound from a normal guitar, is to load multiple synths on multiple DAW tracks, and let htem play along with 1 single MG instance.


Did you find though? That if you want to play in a different part on the VST, you have to change the MIDI channels away from MIDI Guitar2 on the previous VST in order for the new VST Midi Guitar 2 to record?


yes, ofcourse you can use “channel select” inside each MG plugin to adress different instruments on different tracks.
Most daw have a simple midi channel chooser on their instrument tracks: only logic is complicated.


Using trial, no vst.

I’m tying a setup for my 9-string Ibanez RG 9. (no djent… just finger style).

My current setup using pedals is to split input to 2 output, using a JHS 1-2 splitter. Each path is then process for bass and guitar sound separately - the guitar signal has a deep bass cut, before it’s driven by Roland SY 300 / some EHXs … then both signal is mixed back using a small pedal size mixer.

Trying to do something like that using DAW based setup.