Possible to share presets between IOS devices?

Im trying to share MG2 presets between my IOS devices (2 Iphone and 1 ipad).
I can export 1 preset and share it via airdrop, then in my other Iphone I dont see a MG folder to save it, so what I can do to open in my other device ?

there is still no way to import external patches yet

Any hope about this?

we haven’t worked on that yet. For now you cant sync MG on 2 devices.

Any plans to add this feature in future? Perhaps a cloud of some sort, similar to what positive grid have.


I’m also really looking for this feature - if I’m going to use this live, I need a way to have a back up device (always take 2 of everything to a gig).

Also, the ability to edit sounds via a larger iPad screen at home, then transfer them to a smaller device (iPhone) for practicality at live performances (with the ability to access presets via midi pedal) would actually be ideal.

A feature to copy presets would be most appreciated. I’ve used MG2 on my phone for a while. I just got a new iPad and I’d like to move all of my presets there. I can’t without doing a restore of the entire device. Rebuilding them will take a great deal of time. Thanks for your work on this great app.

Lets hope MG3 would implement that.

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