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Presets lost when MG is used within AUM

Hi, everything’s in the title.
When I use MG with AUM all my presets don’t show up !
Although there are still in the app when I launch it all alone ???
I’ve seen somewhere in the forum that it was a bug, but is it solved ?
Otherwise, how can I retrieve them within AUM ?
Thx !

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Sorry, it isn’t possible at the moment.
Generally any host (like AUM) will save the hosted MG patch as part of its project, but you have to manually recreate the MG patch for now.

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Ok, thx for the answser !

I’m on the fence about purchasing AUM. What exactly does this mean? Everytime you use MG within AUM you have to re-create your MG preset?? Seems like a major inconvenience to me if so.

No, you just have your presets in AUM. They become part of your AUM presets.
The problem is only if you already made some presets in MG standalone and then want to use those presets in AUM instead.

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