Presets won't change

So I’m trying MG with Quantiloop. If I load MG as an AU or an App into Quantiloop and then change presets in QL, the preset in MG wont change with it
QL preset 2/MG preset 2
change to QL preset 3
QL preset 3/MG preset 2

Is there a way to make MG follow the QL presets

Note:QL does not transmit PC messages

Hope this makes sense!

Hi – I’ll straight up qualify that I’m not a Quantiloop user and I know nothing about how it works.

But, I’ll say this. I would use MG2 and whatever other music apps/Audio Units in a hosted environment to maintain the most control flexible control over them.

I prefer AUM as a host but there are others iOS host apps that are similar. In this environment you can maximally route and control any MIDI and audio signals – then save them and control the lot with master PC messages. You’ll save yourself a lot of frustration this way and the question you ask above will likely become redundant.