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Presonus Studio 24C is clicking and then losing connection to MG2

After a few minutes of use the Presonus Studio 24C makes a loud sharp click or two, pins the MG2 cpu bar meter and loses connection to MG2. Then I have to restart MG2, add all the 24C interface settings, exit and restart MG2 to get it working again.
None of the meters in MG2 are close to pinned until the click happens.
I didn’t notice this problem when I first got the Studio 24C interface.
At least it didn’t hiss like a bucket full of snakes like the Tascam 2x2 did.
I’v been getting online help from Presonus but so far nothing has fixed it.
The typical uininstall, reinstall, and that fixed nothing. Likely need an older driver but I don’t know anything about their drivers.
They even gave me a link to a support article that doesn’t exist anymore.
Anyone have a studio 24C that does this? I"m using the Presonus usb cable and the laptop usb port is fine.
I’m using the Studio 24C and a Windows 10 laptop. The MG2 cpu usage is normally very low until the click happens.

I should have said MG2 master output meter gets pinned. The cpu meter doesn’t.

Are you using the +48V phantom power (for a condenser mic, for example)? The 24c is bus-powered, and I’ve heard of issues with many different bus-powered interfaces when using phantom power. If you are, try using a powered USB hub. That has solved many of the problems, but not all. Decent 4-port powered USB hubs are available on Amazon for around $20.

I checked the usb selective suspend setting in power management and the “powered” and “battery” were enabled on so I disabled them. It could make a difference. I would assume they would stay active if I am using them but who knows.
I’ll have to test for awhile to see. I’m not using any phantom power and I don’t think the Presonus 24C needs much current and the tech at presonus haven’t asked me to try a powered hub but I could. I haven’t tried a different usb cable as I think they shipped me the special usb cable. I don’t know if it’s a normal usb cable. I asked them to send me another to try but they haven’t got that far yet.
I’ll post what happens if anything good happens.

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It still might be worth checking how much power the USB port that you’re using can supply.

How to check Power Output of a USB Port on Windows 11/10

I checked the power for usb 3.0 and it says it’s 500ma.
Also, checked to see physically which paorts are usb 3.0.
I’m plugged into a 3.0 (has a SS symbol) that should be 500ma according to the device manager.
Presous doesn’t say anywhere in the manuals or specs how much current it uses.
I asked today. Don’t know when I’ll hear back.

Presonus tech decided I should send the Studio 24C back for return/repair.
Costs me shipping one direction.
The 24C just started doing something very strange.
If I play a sax and hold the note for over 3 seconds it jumps up an octave and down and repeats going up and down an octave until I release the note.
It drives me crazy.
The levels seems to distort long before they should. It’s always done that.
Anyone have asynth start going up and down octaves?

I am going to get one of these before I send it back so I can compare.
If a DAC or ADC is motorboating (hi freq. osc.) it will draw much more current.
So let’s see the difference shalll we?

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I now think it is the power supply.
Likely a cap shorting intermittently or a diode.
I think I will buy a new one since fixing a problem that could be a problem is a very hard thing to do and can get expensive.
At least this way I have a nice low voltage power supply for led lighting as on my site: