Pro Tools Help : Can't record to MIDI?

Hi all, I just bought the software recently. I had high hopes but it’s been tough going. I had to buy it to confirm how it would work for me since it wouldn’t load as a plugin in PT. So per the JamO /DAW guidance, I used the Blue Cat (demo) plugin. I have it working, sort of, but I’m only able to record anything if I bus the out from the instrument track to an audio track. So only audio. Sorta cool, but not ideal for long term work applications. I need MIDI notes. Anyone else recording MIDI in PRO TOOLS? Would love some guidance before I ask for a refund. I love the idea of this application, but maybe it’s not ready for primetime.


to examplify the question, this is the workaorudn for gettin MG working inside PT, which
a user kindly shared with us:
The blue cat audio mixer does forward midi from the plugin.

  1. I’m using PT HD, so I need to use a DSP plug in first in the chain. Using the trim plugin in this case.
  2. I’m using the C1 chorus as a mono/stereo convertor. It’s bypassed, but any mono/stereo plug will work.
  3. I’ve got the Blue Cat audio MB& in broadband mode with the midi guitar as the only plugin inserted.
  4. Put any VI next in the chain.

It seems to me that at 4. the midi is allready on the track, I am not at home in Protools, so somebody might enlighten us how to get the midi from an audiotrack to another instrument track in Protools.

Thanks, yeah I’ve done all these. I see signal within the instrument track, but it doesn’t record midi info when I arm and record. Only way to get anything recorded is to bus to an audio track. I suppose I need to know how to make Blue Cat forward the midi info. If this gets me up and running then it might be worth buying Blue Cat also, but if not, just audio isn’t worth it. Can you put me in touch with this pro tools user you’ve cited? Thanks.