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Pro Tools pops and crackles


I have been trying out trial version on Windows system. I have Pro Tools 12. I’ve connected MIDI Guitar 2 with loopMIDI and everything works fine except the sound. I get crackles and pops. I’ve tried all buffer sizes, but it does not seem to make a difference. When I use plugins on the standalone everything works great but as soon as I open a session in Pro Tools I get crackles and pops. Even if I only open a session with no tracks and play an instrument in standalone it crackles. As soon as I open Pro Tools I get the crackles and pops. It seems to be somehow connected with Pro Tools, but I don’t how to fix it. Anyone!? I have an iMac computer (i7/16gb ram/500 ssd) and use Windows in bootcamp. I don’t think that bootcamp is the issue since everything else works great even MIDI guitar 2 as
a standalone. Only when Pro Tools and MG2 are both open I get the sound problem. The Interface I use is Focusrite Clarett 2 pre Thunderbolt.
Any suggestion is welcome!

I do not use Pro Tools, but I read this article on this, maybe it coiuld help?
Recording MIDI on Pro Tools using a Guitar

make sure that no sound output is chosen in MG standalone!. many ASIO drivers dont proper support mulitple apps using it at the same time.

Hi @Herold I have checked the post, thanx! But I work in Windows environment, only that I use mac computer(in bootcamp).
@Paul can you be more specific where on MG standalone can I disable sound output? I’m not sure where that would be?

in the MG interface section, choose “none” for audio output

Hm, I don’t see the option “none” in audio output, only devices to choose?

main thing you dont choose the same output device and/or driver. if you put MG to the internal sound card and Protools to the external, it might also work.

Hey @Paul last time we spoked I checked the AUDIO output section on my ios system. I use both macOS and windows on the same computer as I said before. So on macOS version of the MG2 everything works great but I found out that the interface of MG2 on the Windows version of the standalone doesn’t look the same. I can’t choose “none” option or any other device on audio output,as you suggested, since there is no audio output section to choose from on the Windows version on MG2…
Here is a print screen…

MG2 crackle