Problem to load Midi Bass in logic pro X

i just purchased Midi Guitar for Mac with Midi Bass inclusiv . but i have a problem when i like to load Midi Bass in logic pro X. i get an Error telling me that Midi Bass component cannot loaded because logic pro x cannot verify the complet integrity of the file and i have to make an update or contact the developer i did make an Audio units scan but it didn’t help .

Any Help ? Thanks

You can most likely “sign” the plugin manually by selecting it in the Logic plugin manager, and choose “reset/rescan selection”.

i did it but always the same problem . thanks for the help .

there are 2 poiiblities:
-the plugin bundle is damaged (or maybe you copied a shortcut to the components folder instead of the real midi guitar 2.component
Remedy: check that you have porperly copied the midi guitar 2.component from the install .dmg to your components folder.

-Logic has problems with signing (unlikely). You can sign by hand using the following steps:

  1. Open the “Terminal” app
  2. copy this command and hit enter
    auval -vt aumf JamO
    You will see MacosX signing our plugins, so that Garageband and Logic see them again.

it says i have to make an update or contact the developer.

well, you are now contacting the developer.
If our plugins generally wouldnt work in Logic, I’d be the first to know, so I expect a special case in your situation.
There are 2 possiblities:

  1. the dmg is damaged during download
  2. the plugin isn’t properly installed
    Please delete the “midi guitar2.component” from folder /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/
    Then copy MIDIGuitar2 .component file to your AudioUnit plugins folder: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/

but Midi Guitar works without issue just Midi Bass not .

then please apply above steps, but applied to the midi bass component.

i did it before but still not works i think it s damaged.

if it is damaged, you need to download it anew.

File was already sent - you should already have the file in your downloads directory. If your download was broken, please go to MIDI Guitar/MIDI Bass and enter your email again to generate a new download link.

that what i get when i like to download it again . what i have to do ? thanks

well, if you start the orignial trial, it will notice that there is a new version and offer you an update link by email. but Ill give you a temp lnk here in PM , that is quicker

thanks for the link i did all but still have the same problem .

sounds silly maybe, but a system restart just might help. Not every update to a component is felt in realtime by apps on macos.

i did it but still the same problem

that is strange. have to look further.
there is a second folder where components reside:
it is in users/<your userfolder/library/audio/plugins/components
make sure that the component isnt also there.

i did find the folder but no Midi Guitar or Midi Bass . should i copy it there too ?

no, it shouldn’t be there.
Please give full details about your Logic version and your macos version

the last version of logic pro x and macOS Catalina Beta version .

Catalina beta? Ok, well… that is something we need to check hereofcourse, tnx for the info…
So I have no workaround or fix for you. For now I can only suggest to play midi bass standalone with virtual midi enabled if you want to generate midi for Logic with your bass.