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Problem using Midi Pitch Controller plus Audio in MG2

I have been using MG2 in the iPad for some time with harmonica and mic input - it works great. I also play a Midi Harmonica called the Lekholm DM48. This is a wind synth with breath sensors and no reeds. On the DM48 I developed a gizmo called the Mini PitchBender, a small joystick device that gives accurate bends of 1, 2, 3 semitones. Here’s a demo (from a minute in):

I figured I should be able to use the Mini Pitchbender in Midi Guitar2. I just tried it tonight:

  1. Plugged the Mini PitchBender into a USB hub along with my iRig audio interface, and plugged them into my iPad via the Camer Connection Kit. So they are all now interlinked.
  2. Mic went into the audio input of the iRig
  3. Opened MidiGuitar2 in the iPad. The audio got converted to Midi sounds, as always - but the joystick did nothing at all.
  4. There is a dialog in MG2 called Midi Pedal. I enabled that, and it showed ‘Mini Pitchbender Joystick’. However, there was still no effect on the internal synth sounds.

I then chose the Midi-Out function of MidiGuitar2, and loaded an external synth. On the synth’s Midi Inputs it showed both Midi Guitar2 and the Mini Pitchbender. I could play the synth sounds via my mic and MG2, but got no effect at all from the Mini Pitchbender.

I know it and the lead are working, because they immediately bend pitch in conjunction with the DM48 playing through synth apps in the iPad.

I assume I’m doing something wrong, or have omitted some step in MG2. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance, BP

Hi BeePee,

MG2 (iOS/macOS/WIN) doesn’t respond to or pass thru MIDI pitchbend (PB) events, as far as I recall. It can generate them though.

If you’re using a host like AUM or Audiobus 3 you could route both MIDI sources (MG2 for note on/off and the Mini PitchBender for PB).YMMV. In my experience, applying external PB events to MG2 generated note on/off data always doesn’t jive too well. Better to use the internally generated PB.

Hope this helps.

Thanks - that explains it!

I do already use the bending in Midi Guitar2 naturally. It tracks the bends on my harmonica very well. However, it can only bend as far as I can on my harp. I want to add some unusual deeper bends via the Mini PitchBender to the ones that I already have.

Sorry to seem ignorant, but can you explain exactly how I would route the two MIDI sources in AUM or Audiobus 3?

If you select a synth as an audio source you can go to the MIDI matrix and make pipes for the MIDI to travel to the channel/app from your controller.

I discovered it was actually really simple! No need for AUM or Audiobus at all. Simply choose “External MIDI Output” in Midi Guitar2 and open a synth of ones choice.

Disabling bends in MG2 is the key! I have a couple of presets for “External MIDI Output” with bends enabled. I found it was that which stopped the Mini PitchBender from working.

With Bends Disabled in MG2, it works perfectly! Now I can get my standard harmonica bent notes as synth sounds, and add in very different bends from the PitchBender: octave down/up etc. A fun new word to explore, thanks to Midi Guitar2

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