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Problem when Playback (Solved)


I have a problem with midi guitar el logic.
I explain the problem below:

  1. I have an Audio track with the MG
  2. I have another MIDI track with the instrument.
  3. Works perfectly when the DAW is on Stop
  4. Works fine when the DAW is recording.
  5. But when I play back the recording I can’t play another MIDI instrument on another track. However if I re-record if I hear the MIDI track while I play.

Do you know why?

Am I the only one this happens to? :disappointed:

Hi Sam!
I am sure there is no unsolvable problem here. Please describe what setup you are using. It might make it easier for anyone to recognize the issue, and help you solve it! Is it an IOS device? What DAW are you using? The more details the better, I think! :+1:

Hi LowFileiF.
Thanks for your response.

My setup is Logic 10.4 with MidiGuitar in a Audio track.
In other Midi tracks, below, i have different synths.

When Logic is in stop mode i can play my guitar an the MIDI track sounds but whenLogic is on Play mode i cant play the midi instrument.

The sound of my guitar enter in Midi Guitar (vumeter runs) but the midi track dont receive any signal of MG.


Hey man!
Sorry, it took a while. I have just switched computer so I had not tried this in Logic yet. I had the exact same issue as you, but this helped me:
1: Go into Record (in the Logic Pro Menu)
2. Uncheck “Allow Quick Punch-in”

Skärmavbild 2022-05-15 kl. 23.24.44

Tell me if it fixed the issue for you as well?

ThankU so much LoFiLeiF!!!
Fix it!!

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