Problem with Audiokit Pro's Digital D1(AU) synth

Today I bought Digital D1 synth(AU) by Audiokit Pro. MG shuts down itself when I select it as an instrument. Did anybody try this synth with MG? I’m too hopeless buying this great sounding synth. I have no problem with similar app like Sunrizer or other AU instruments. So I will also write to Audiokit Pro. For information I have a 6th Gen Ipad with up to date IOS version and I tested it today so many times first with a Scarlet Solo and then a Audient ID4. The result is same for both Audio Interface. Please help.

the D1 AU is very fresh: I havent tried it myself yet. Since indeed all other AU synths work sofar in MG, it is likely a bug with D1 itself. I’ll look into it.

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tested on ipad 2018, ipados beta 13
I updated to the latest D1 version: I started D1 as standalone first, like they recommend, to preserve presets, and closed it again.
Then I started MG, did a plugin rescan: Set window aspect: 3:2. window size big/overlay
Hiding the D1 onscreen keyboard (small keyboard icon on top) will show the complete page then.

EDIT: 12 hours later MG crashes on the same AUv3.
D1 auv3 is not ready yet…

FWIW, Digital D1 as an AUv3 crashes all host apps on my iPad Pro 10.5. I’ve been meaning to make a bug report on it. Great synth but still unstable.

Thank you Paul. I was a little confused. My iPad’s OS version is 12.3.1. I thought it might be the issue. I followed your procedure. I even tried changing the buffer size setting of D1 to 256 (as well as selecting low CPU usage mode). But nothing worked. Though I can play the stand alone synth through MG MIDI export option. Now, after reading your next reply I understood that the D1 AUV3 is problematic. I will definitely write them for the same.

Thanks for the information Vaultnaemsae. I will write to them soon. I think this issue will get more importance if you also report the same.

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