Problem with Patch Change in Ableton


I am running JamOrigin on Ableton as VST. I can change the patch mit MIDI Programm Change code. It works, I have although to have the JamOrigin VST open if I want that the patch changed. If the VST is just running but the window of the VST is not open the patch doesn’t change.

Has somebody already had the problem ? and maybe the solution ?
Thank you for your help

You can select a different track while it’s open and you won’t see it, don’t think there’s a way to make it work when it’s closed

It’s really anoying because it’s mean you can not play and change the patch with a mini controller without to have the window of MG2 which hide the rest of your set :roll_eyes:

You can, just leave MG2 open and select a different track with your cursor, MG2 will still be open without popping out