Problem with shared asio sound and midi guitar

I use windows 64 bit Demo version and asio with presonus studio live AR mixer. there are no problems to use reaper and studio one together at same time so that both DAW use same input channels for input and output. but when start midi guitar there happen bad sound. buffer size is 256 samples. I want use midi guitar to record in a DAW. because there is no VST plugin i need run it standalone and use a virtual midi driver for output . but the DAW bring strange sound. no crackle but the sound is metalic. it sound as it uses diffrent bit depth. but i can not choose bit depth in driver. i guess driver use 24 bit. My DAW is set to 24 bit 44.1 khz and midi guitar is too set to 44.1 khz

most ASIO drivers don’t like multiple clients. I’ll give you a link to the full version, so you can test it with the VST. See PM here.