Problems and feature requests

I summarize below problems encountered and features I wish to request.

  • About storing synth presets in a patch or how to switch from one synth preset to another: using differents presets of a same synth in a song, I wish I could jump easily from one to another.
    For the moment, some synths presets can be saved in a patch and recalled as is but some others are recalled with preset n°1 default setting.
    Maybe it comes from the synth itself, since other synths work well.
    This problem has been discussed in the past: Midi Learn issue

Request: is there a way to get around the problem? For instance through a midi machine code calling a preset number or something like that ?

  • About midi learn issue with MG2 parameters: needing to erase some lines in *.opatch in order to override old parameters when redoing midi learn assignment.
    discussed in the past ( Midi Learn issue )

Here is a test file, maybe this could help
midi learn assign issues.pdf (12.8 KB)

  • Request: Improvement in the visibility of the tuner : discussed in the past ( Gear, Wishes, Works )
    For some time I use Gig Performer and its tuner: I confirm that changing background colour is the best way to be sure to be well tuned, particularly when using a small screen.

  • Request: Using Gig Performer, I enjoy switching between rackspaces instantly and glitch-free, with previous rackspace sound trail.
    It would be fantastic if we could switch MG2 patches in the same way… One can dream


Yup. Patch Persist in GP is a great feature.