Problems with Trial: No MIDI output and tuning limitations

I’ve downloaded the trial for Mac. I can’t get it to output MIDI to another track. I watched JO’s tutorial videos on this, and they suggest that the MIDI should be exported automatically but include no troubleshooting if it doesn’t. Neither are there any options for changing the MIDI output options in MG2. I’ve attached a screenshot.

As well, the tuning options seem very limited–I’m only able to set the tuning for each string up or down a step, but I tune B-E-B-E-G#-B, so my bottom string isn’t even registering.

Are these two issues limitations of the trial version, or are they also limitations of the full release? Or can anyone help me troubleshoot these issues?

Hi Sacha!

I obviously don’t know what setup you have, and what DAWs you are trying to use. But I am on a Mac too, and usually it isn’t harder than, opening up MIDI Guitar2 (either in standalone mode, OR as a plugin on an AUDIO track), then proceed to opening your software instrument on a SOFTWARE INSTRUMENT/MIDI track. Don’t forget to ARM that for Recording. In Logic, that I am using, you want to click the INPUT MONITORING too, to get MIDI Guitar 2 to work properly.

I would perhaps advice against using a buffer size of 32 to begin with. I guess that is your setting for your DAW, so try using 128 to begin with. (I am using 256 here)

When it comes to tunings, the MG2 software doesn’t track below D(2)at this point, and there is no difference between the trial version and the full version.

If this isn’t helpful, please add some more info on your setup, DAW, what buttons you have clicked, and perhaps a picture. It just makes it easier to help . :handshake::+1: