Program Change as VST

I am revisiting an issue that I still think can be solved. Until MG3 is out, I am still enjoying MG2 in my live setup. I use Cantabile as my live DAW with a large collection of Guitar VSTs and Instrument VSTs. MG2 allows me to easily switch from a guitar sim to as synth based sim.

I have my DAW setup to send as Program Change for the MG2 patch I want. Unfortunately I have found that unless the MG2 GUI is open, the PC doesn’t work. As soon as you open the GUI the patch is activated.

I was wondering why this is happening and has it been observed in any other live DAW’s. If there isn’t a solution, I hope MG3 is tested and designed for this type of setup.

Are you on Mac, Windows, IOS?
Which OS version do you use?
This could help each of us to compare the results to try to narrow down the problem and find the cause.

I am on Windows (W10) and use MG2 in Gig Performer. But I don’t know if this problem can happen, because I don’t use PC to change patches in MG2.
The MG2 patches are stored in the Gig Performer racks and, in my case, they are loaded without opening the MG2 GUI.

Good plan. I am running MG2 on Windows 11 using Cantabile as my live DAW. I had the the same problem on 10.

If I have a static live setup, the main MG2 parameters are saved and I am happy even if the patch name doesn’t match. Nut its a pain to have a whole group of setup files ready, when the patch could be used instead.

In addition for a live setup if I want to dynamically have the patch change in the song or use some of the internal MG2 sounds, I need the PC change to work from within the DAW.