Progress with bass tracking issues

I’m wondering how things are going in your attempts to improve bass tracking? I’m using 6 string basses and while the guitar program will track pretty well on the upper 3 strings it would be great to be able to have full range tracking. I realize this has been a major challenge for all pitch recognition efforts as lower notes are both slower to track and have more harmonic content which throws off the recognition of the fundamental. Do you feel that you are making any further progress?

We’ve done a lot of research on new analysis methods and all, but we have no specific data how much we can gain on the bass range.
More range in the low end is on the list, and one of the most frequent requests.

Thanks Paul. I realize I could have been clearer. Using Midi Bass in monophonic mode the program tracks really pretty well except for, on a 5 or 6 string bass, the low B string. Of course it would also be great to be able to play two and three note chords.
I have also been using Midi Guitar with bass to have some chordal options but this program stops tracking electric bass notes on the D string.

I did understand you allright: many people want a polyphonic bassrange. this is however quiet complicated, like you allready said yourself. It is a bit like finding the right black cat in a dark room full with dead cat ghosts, they all sing allright, but which one is a real living cat? :wink: