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Purchased Features disappear on iOS

The Seaboard is in an midi input congtroller, there is little use in sending midi there. The output of the seaboard is also not really usefull in MG: if you want to use MG + Seaboard, you have to enable input from these midi ports in the synth. The synth is the one who has to listen to the midi coming from both Seaboard and MG.
But I’d advice to use a dedicated MPE synth for the Seaboard , because you can not easily mix the normal midi coming from MG with the MPE midi coming from the Seaboard.

Ok, but I’m using the Orange Omec Teleport, and they recommend using MG with the Roli and their demonstrator showcases the sounds in their video.

please share the link to that vid, and I’ll help you how to set it up

Hi Paul,

Here you go


ok, so you use just have seaboard synth app.
That synth most likely will listen to any virtual midi port, it doesn’t create its own port.
So you just choose “virtual midi” for midi output.

  1. add “midi output” as midi fx to your patch ( or load patch “external midi output”)
  2. click on the “midi output” fx: it will now show which output is selected.
  3. click on the choosen output to set it to “virtual midi” if it is not there allready

I have the same issue. I have purchased Midi Guitar rig. It says purchased in the Shop on my ipad BUT the app continues to interrupt me and tell me to purchase.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app but it still does exactly the same.
When are you going to fix this?

If not soon then I would like a refund please.

To make sure your IAP is restored correctly, do the folowwing:

  1. open MG, go to the shop
  2. click restore, wait a minute for your IPA to be restored.
  3. restart MG (click home, swipe up, swipe MG up out of screen, then restart MG)

Note: there are 3 differnet IAP’s: if you experience interruptions while you are using external midi outputs or AU fx/synth plugins: those options require the relevant “mid outputs” and/or Audio Unit hosting IAP’s to be bought.

Thank you so much Paul. I was sure I had already tried that but I tried it again and it seems to be OK now.
The app is amazing by the way.
Thanks again.

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Well, now it is also happening to me!