Purchased Features disappear on iOS

Hi i have mg running on iPad mini 5. i have purchased all features. In the Shop menu purchased turns into purchase when i am offline.
I ve already tried to load it again…
Any suggestions?

There is a bug in the app: sometimes it doesn’t save the last purchases locally.
Please go online, restore the purchases ( this will happen automatically when ou open the shop ub the app and wait). Then close the app (click home button, swipe up to display all running apps, and swipe up MG out of the screen). Closing it wil lforce it to save the current purchases locally.
After restarting the app the purchases should be ok, also offline.

I’ve got the same problem and following the above procedure doesn’t cure it. Been like this off and on since I purchased it. Considering going to an iMac and running my Omec teleport with Logic!

so far the bug was curable in all cases by restarting.
Can you give details about your situation?
which IAPs did you buy?


I purchased Midi Guitar Rig and Midi Output. They reinstall when wi-fi is on, but as soon as it’s turned off, I’m faced with a message that I need to purchase them! Can’t get it to work with Roli Seabord 5D either.
I am using an iphone 6s running 12.3.1.


please try trash the app, and do a clean reinstall from the appstore.

Okay so trashed the app, restarted iPhone and downloaded from the app store. Whilst on wifi items changed in menu from “purchase” to “purchased”. Closed the app. When re-opened, having turned off wifi, the problem remains until I re-activate wifi then the items show as purchased.

This is a pain for live work, particularly in an environment where there is lots of other wireless equipment, and we try to keep our phones away from wifi!

that is bad… sofar this bug strictly occured once per user. We’ll have a look at how fast we can update the iOS version and fix this bug.

Okay, thanks Paul. Beginning to wonder if using a Mac may be a better option though!

Sorry for any inconvenience.
It seems more people trouble with this issue and we certainly owe a fix.
Unfortunately we cannot reproduce this on our devices and don’t understand under which circumstances it happens.

However, we will try to submit a new update to Apple tomorrow, which hopefully address this. It might take a few days until they approve it.

Hope you guys hang on a few days and let us know if the update fix it for you.

Update 2.6.9 is out on AppStore now and hopefully address this!

We still couldn’t reproduce the issue on our devices, but please let us know if you still experience anything like this.

Have updated to the latest version and the problem persisted. So trashed the app and reloaded and still the same!!

did you get interruptions? or did the shop just say “purchase” instead of “purchased”?

The shop said “purchase”.

ok, if your are offline, the shop doesn’t get connection: the display is only updated to “purchased” after there was a connection with the shop.
This is confusing, and is fixed a bit by the coming next update, which will say “waiting” if it can get connection. The update is allready uploaded to the appstore.
If you dont get an interruption, your IAP is stored allright locally.

I have the latest update but the problem persists! It really doesn’t work unless the phone has wifi, and it doesn’t see Roli Seabord 5D at all.

I’ve looked at the app for Catalina on a Mac, but annoyingly I have to purchase the whole thing again!

the latest version will display “wait” if there is no connection to the appstore.
for some reason the MG update is not pushed hard, myself I had to go search for midi guitar and then I could click “update”.
Again: it is the display in the shop that is misleading.
Did you get interruptions?

I definitely have the latest version.

With wifi off it now says “retrieving price” under tools, and “wait” under purchased. Are you saying this is correct?

yes, this is correct. “wait” means it cant reqach the appstore.
We will make it reflect the real status, including the local stored status, better in a future update.
If you dont get interruptions the IAP’s are working allright.

Still won’t see Roli Seabord, but does see Garageband. Thank you.

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