Purchased for $39.99 but unclear what it includes

Hi I downloaded the app on my mac (for Garageband). Then I hit Shop, and paid $39.99 I didn’t get an email confirmation, no license or anything. I was able to instantly turn my guitar into all these cool instruments, and then I went to send them over to garageband, and was playing for a while, and then was interrupted. It was asking me to pay $150.00. I am totally confused by this.

All I want to do is be able to play in Garageband, with their Midi instruments (synths, clavs etc.) without being interrupted. What do I need to do? Did I buy the wrong version?

The MG4GB version on Mac Store has many fever features than the plugin version on our website and it doesn’t come as a plugin, so you can’t integrate it with your DAW projects. If you regret and want to upgrade, we can refund you the USD40.

@JamO Thank you for your reply. I seem to be able to do what I am looking for so far.

When I first purchased it from the app store, it was interrupting me every few minutes asking me to upgrade when I used it the External MIDI output, and selected MIDI OUTPUT (Virtual Midi) under Midi FX.

I messed with it a little later in the evening and was NOT interrupted at all doing the same thing.

I want to do most of my work within Garageband, just need the ability for GB to recognize the midi. I’ll use the GB midi instruments- I don’t need much more than that.

Any idea what the deal is with the original interruptions versus the uninterrupted session later in the evening? Is this a recurring thing? I recall getting them using the trial, but obviously that was before I paid anything (which makes sense). I seem to be happy if I am able to not be interrupted and continue doing what I outlined.

Thank you!

Also, does this thing I purchased come with the license or is that only for the 150.00 version?

The interruptions occur when you haven’t bought the In-App-Purchase. Buying it will remove the interruptions.

There is no license for the Garageband version. You simply have that In-App-Purchase listed somewhere in Apples database.