Quality of sound diminished

Hi, new here. I have been working with the trial version to see if it will help in live performance. I use Fishman Triple Play. I have always had a latency issue although tracking is acceptable. The Triple Play allows you to use as an example; Strings and Piano. Now the problem is in order to have sustained strings you need a foot controller. When you press sustain it cuts out all Midi signal so your main piano sound dissapears. Then i came across Midi 2 and with it I can run both programs having the Midi 2 take the piano and the Triple Play has the Strings. The problem is the tone of the Kontakt samples are softer and dull compared to the same samples in the Triple Play. BTW I also run Band In A Box for back up tracks. Maybe it is just too much for one computer. However, I would love to make this combination work. Any thoughts?

I can not really help you there: it seems strange to me you can not hold 1 sound in tripleaply software while continueing another. Better look in their help or ask in their forum. it is overkill to run an extra app for this.

Thank you for your response. I know, it has been this way with Triple Play from the beginning. It is so frustrating.

here is my guess where you are stuck:
you most likely need 2 overlapping zones on your fretboard: in tripleplay each zone is assigned to a track with a synth loaded. so that is where you should be able to have 1 zone on hold and 1 zone playing.

Yes, I do have that but the problem is: If you check the box that eliminates midi signal on one patch so that midi stops when you press sustain, you cannot use another patch to play through. Any patch used will be the same. One or the other.

This seems very unlikely to me: the predecessor of the Tripleplay (the axon) allready had this in working order. Please ask for help on the Tripleplay forum.

I will give it a try.

One other thing if you don’t mind, Paul. I am using a foot controller for sustain and that works. But is there a way to stop other midi notes while a chord is sustained? It just gets messy, I just want to hear the guitar while strings are sustained.

I can only talk about our app here:
our app has a sustain function which you can load in a midi fx slot.
you assign a cc to it, and then you choose the method
piano sustain – like a piano pedal
hold instrument – current notes on hold, switch to guitar. no further midi is send
forward cc64 to instrument – the standard pianopedal is send to the synth

I confirm ! I use a patch on stage with the sustain midi machine in “hold instrument” mode (just modifying the cc number). It works great.