Quantiloop and MG

So I’ve just got hold of Quantiloop. It’s impressive. I want to use it with MG. It works, well except Quantiloop won’t send or respond to PC messages. I’ve set it up to receive PC but it’s not working. Has anyone used this combination and have some advise on how best to make the two talk?

Boy, I bought QuantiLoop Pro some years ago now but I’m not sure I’ve ever tried to use Program Changes before. With what meager stuff I have done, I’ve got all the utility I’ve needed by just being able to scroll through the “presets” with CC messages.

If you have not found the manual online (http://quantiloop.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/quantiloop2.pdf) that topic is covered on page 68. Is that what you’re trying to do?

Thanks. The problem I have is

I want Midi Gtr and Quantiloop to both change presets at the same tiime. From what I can see, neither will send PC messages to the other but they both can receive PC messages. So I need either an external hardware controller to send messages to both or use another software controller like Touchosc. Was wondeing if Audiobus would solve tihs issue

I have not tried that exact thing, but it might. You can certainly get Audiobus to stack multiple messages on a single command. I guess I have done something similar, using Audiobus to send a patch change to MG2 and CC messages to Mixbox to load specific plugin profiles. Worth a try to see if you could send a PC to MG2 and a CC to QuantiLoop.