Question about restrictions in trial versions

I’m interested in using the MIDI Bass software on Windows. (I may be interested in using MIDI Guitar 2 in the future also.) Anyway, my question is what are the restrictions in the trial version? (I think one of the replies to another question mentions that the VST plugins or something aren’t included, for example.) How long does the trial version remain licensed?


Okay, there has been no reply at all for more than a week; but while composing an e-mail to support, I notice that this is in the FAQ. I think they could have worded the FAQ more carefully; because the word “bugger” is extremely rude in a number of dialects of English (basically British English and most Commonwealth dialects, maybe not American…). I wouldn’t even include this word in my own post - given the community guidelines - if it wasn’t necessary for pointing out the problem with it appearing in the FAQ:

“How does the full version differ from the trial?”

“The only difference is that the bugger dialog disappears in the full version.”

I guess it is accurate though; because having used the trial version for a while I have noticed that the dialog/ popup does generally b*gger up more serious usage of MIDI Guitar to encourage you to buy the full version,


…I wouldn’t even include this word in my own post -

the alternate reality from which you are posting is strange indeed.

haven’t you ever heard a newborn baby described as ‘a cute little bugger’?

or someone who has misplaced their keys or glasses: ‘i put the buggers down and now i can’t find them’.

the word has many meanings: according to merriam, a ‘bugger’ can be a person who has placed an electronic eavesdropping device.

what bugger means in this particular instance: a windows that pops up to get you to purchase the software you are currently evaluating.

if you like the software, close the window and continued to evaluate it.

going out of your way to find offense in the manual is a bit non-productive, wouldn’t you say?

going out of your way to find offense in the manual is a bit non-productive, wouldn’t you say?

Okay, if you say so. Anyway, here is what Google comes up with for a definition of “bugger”:

I wouldn’t normally consider it a big deal (since as you observe the word is often used in a much looser sense than the above definition would imply); but the community guidelines do say the forum is supposed to be “family friendly” which I assume includes families where swearing a lot is not acceptable,


Spelling error in the FAQ. Don’t waste time googling just contact support and let them know:

That support contact form fails with an error. I told support about that particular problem about a day ago with Facebook Messenger as well as a question actually about the software. I’m not queuing up another question in Facebook Messenger; so it will have to wait.

The reason for the screen cap from the Google search was to debunk the stupid reply from kimyo who seems to think this is acceptable language. I get the feeling that somebody who is not a native speaker of any dialect of English is correcting my usage; but maybe not. The first couple of examples of usage of b-gger he provides could have f-er put in the same place keeping essentially the same meaning which doesn’t change the fact that it’s still really vulgar language (admittedly this would make it yet ruder even in British English),


Hello William, welcome to this forum (perhaps a little late in the day but sincere) :slightly_smiling_face:

I confirm that MG can be used without date limit but with this dialog box of which one word has shocked you certainly rightly if you talk about it.

Without wanting to go further into this discussion, I just want to specify in his defense that the developer of this software is a craftsman working alone and also doing his best work of communication, management of his business, etc…
His mother tongue is not English, as it is for me; I wanted to check with the automatic translator (which I use here to talk to you) and I found that the term “bugger” was translated into French by two propositions meaning “annoying” and “boring”.
If this word, as you say, has a more offensive general meaning, feel free to let him know for his own sake and of course for everyone else’s.

The advantage of the dialog box in the trial version is of course that it can be used without time restrictions, which is rare and very useful because you are not pressed by a deadline that forces you to buy immediately or give up permanently.
For me, the problem did not arise because I had been looking for a software of this type for a long time and a quick test confirmed that I was making the right choice by acquiring it. :grinning:

On your side, if you are not yet decided for various reasons, do not hesitate to ask questions here, there are active users who will try to inform you.
And of course the quickest way is to type some keywords in the search field.