Random static with MG2 and IOS

I have A guitar hooked up to a presonus audiobox then usb out from audiobox to iPad Pro via lightning cable.

Everything works fine. I can get MG2 to work alone, with AU plugins, midi out to audio bus etc etc etc.

BUT, semi randomly I get a loud static (like a tv trying to time to a non existent channel). It only lasts for a second, and seems to occur around every five minutes.

There are no loose or cheep wires/cables in the setup. The guitar works totally normally with other applications (real amps, DAWs, etc).

Has anyone seen this behavior?

I’ve experienced this as well. I don’t think it’s MG2 problem. I have a load of traction 7 VST’s that are proprietary to that DAW and if I try use them in MG2 they will react with that static burst every once in a while. It’s one of those “here are some nice toys to try out but if you really want them you need to buy the licence”.

Hello Keefgifford, welcome here.
I have recently installed an audiobox 1818 and studio one on a pc and I have the same problem even without MG2. When I playback a recording, I can hear randomly but repeatedly the same kind of short noise. I have not yet located it. And I have a licence!
So you don’t encounter this problem without MG2 ?

That is correct. Only with MG2.

Have there been any other reports of this?

Ah I typed my response to soon.

Something to note I am only using apps that I own.

I also have the same problem with noise - sounds like static noise. I am running an Irig Pro I/O in to my iPad Pro 1. Gen. Just using the sounds inside MG2. I am currently looking at my cables to ensure that I have unbalanced cables running from Irig Pro and in to my amp. Further I am also considering if my 1. Gen IPad Pro is powerful enough to run MG2

Anders, do you to notice overload peaks or high average level in MG2 cpu window ? This meaning that your Ipad isn’t powerful enough, or that the buffer size is too small.
Otherwise, it might also be a problem with plugins…

Any non-ancient iPad should be powerful enough. Apples chips had an amazing trajectory and from around 2015 its fast enough for MG2 (iPhone 6s, and the very first iPad Air are definitely fast enough), if you use MIDI output and most internal stuff. iPad Pros are a totally different league.
That said you can overload any iPad if you add enough modules, AUs in particular.

I’m thinking this might be some edge case with some specific iOS and perhaps iPad Pros. We’ve seen Apple degrade Audio performance in some updates and fix it again. Please write which iOS version and iPad model you use. Also, please try to reproduce static with a simple factory patch using only internal modules - as simple as possible - to exclude that it comes from overload by external AUs. Also try without other audio apps running in the background, again just to narrow down a possible incompatibility or edge case with other apps.


I use an iPad Pro (9.7-inch) A9X @ 2.26 GHz, IOS 13.3. I am not running any other apps than MG2 and I don’t use external plugins. I power the IPad via an external power source to ensure that battery is at 100% all the time. I run my my external sound card Irig Pro I/O directly in to my guitar amp. However it looks like one of my cables might be part of the problem. I will look further in to that.

I also have an IPhone 8 A11 Bionic @ 2.39 GHz. Maybe I should use that one instead?

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For me (WIndows 10, Ableton LIve 11), it was the buffer size. Once I increased it, the problem disappeared.