RANGER script

What are some reasons “Highest” will not go lower than 52? (also am i suppose to ask this in the older thread?)

> Fretboard zones

Open the “Ranger.lua” file > C:\Users\mdutt\AppData\Roaming\JamOrigin\MIDIMachines
using the Microsoft Notepad. Change following line:

Knob(“highest”, 0,52, 90, 1)


Knob(“highest”, 0,42, 90, 1)

and save the change. When you load “Ranger” the next time in MG2 the knob will go down to 42.


@sadicus Around 12 mins into the video there is a chapter “Making changes to the Lua script” https://youtu.be/koS02FUbvKk?si=DbKSmyUfWEiQcJPn&t=714

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