Re-arrange patches, delete MIDI CC parameter

Hi there,

Two questions:
How can I re-arrange, copy, and delete patches? I use an external controller with fixed patch order.
How can I delete unused CC parameters in the patches?

Thanks in advance!

You can add, delete and change any parameters in the patch and then re-save to the original patch number or create a complete new patch by using the save as function under a new unused number. I use the prefix 001, 002,…format so that my midi foot controller can instantly change from one patch to the next on the fly.


Thanks for the answer!
So it is not possible to copy a patch to another location.

Just change the number and “save as” new number before changes made to save a copy of your original patch without changes. You can have several copies of the same patches with any tweaks or adjustments as long as each one has its own PC (patch change number)

I see, thank you! I will try that as soon as possible.

It is not working for me. I can’t copy the setup of the patch with Synths, volume settings, etc. Would you write the workflow step by step, please?