Re-assign pitchbend

Hi all.Is it possible to assign the pitchbend or vibrato to a cc output of my choice? My vst has vibrato which I could control with actual guitar vibrato if this makes sense. Is this possible?

MG creates midi pitch bends when you play one note at a time and have enabled the pitch bends. Vibrato as such has little to do with pitch bend: pitch bend will allow you to bend a note up (or down with a whammy). Vibrato only circles around the current note.

  • If you just want your synth to follow the bends properly, you need to set the synths bend range (often divided in upper and lower range: allways set both).
  • If you want to have automatically vibrato added when you bend a note, that is perfectly possible and might be expressive. The standard CC1 is recognised by most synths as “modulation”. I could make a midi machine for that.
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Hi Paul thanks for your reply. If you could make a midi machine for that ill try it for sure. Im actually wanting to do vibrato on my guitar and this to trigger a midi cc 41 in my vsti. That particular cc is vibrato that i can adjust by how much of the mod wheel on the keyboard I apply. Is this possible? Or is the best solution to use a expression pedal going into my DAW ?

A normal pedal is better, because you can vibrate chords that way.

The realism of playing a violin vst with vibrato corresponding to finger vibrato on guitar would be incredible. Not sure if I’m able to have my DAW (ableton) receive midi data from audio channel as well as a midi channel.

for violin vibrato you only need the normal pitchbend set up correctly. There are borders on that realism: a violin has a stronger vibrato. If you bend up a note on guitar and then do a fast up and down you can get close to a violin vibrato. But starting from a non-bended note you can not go down far enough. Violin is fretless and shortscale, that is the difference.
Only a whammy bar will help there to get a violin vibrato.

That would be great.I have a whammy but the fretted style would probably be good enough for now.Midi expression pedal seems no good as I cant configure ableton to receive from midi channel as well as Audio channel.How to I set up the pitchbend to sound like vibrato?

you have to physically play the vibrato. The pitch bend will transport this to the synth.
The synth needs to be set up with the proper bendrange. Some synth dont have bends, so they will not work, but most will work.

Actually what I want is to be able to assign my pitchbend to cc21 which is vibrato within the vst.Is this possible? confused. I dont want to create my own vibrato.jus want to modulate cc21 which is the in built vibrato.I can usually modulate from zero vibrato to full vibrato with mod wheel.can I use my depth of pitchbaend to control cc21?

You will actually be playing out of tune to get vibrato… if you control the depth of virbato with pitchbend, you will push the note higher for more vibrato… You’d be playing a C on guitar to have a vibrato B.
it would work in some way, but I have a hard time imagining that this would feel well

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Ha yeah jus thought about it!! Ok Thanks for your answers Paul.

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